Monday, December 27, 2010

Magical (12.27.10)

trinkets crawl up the walls
shining and whistling a merry tune
to pass the frames, sills, and sockets
fore the morn turns to the noon

there a resource tied to ceilings swarms within the bandage care
a spinster spent the worse part of a day
making him that hurting coat

tie it to the orderlies
release them in an orderly

just make sure the blinds are down and drawn before you set off

Friday, December 10, 2010

Juniper Exits (12.10.10)

slicking down this interstate
more early than it's late
consistently checking the nothing behind
I pass a thousand each second
loving each one
without conditions, who the air cares?

with enmity, between you and me, constantly, I wanna see, gotta be, true
stay bloody
refuse the refuse
washin the morning
the gourd will ache
but you mustn't take
just swallow the pressure until it's too much
then you can touch
and then you can rush
into the mistakes
you're so prone to make
see that sign?

turn left here