Friday, September 30, 2011


(Author's Note: Nearly a year ago I wrote "Allergies." It is only fitting that the following fall I return to address the same fetching topic.)

"Once the frost cometh, your allergies will goeth!"
- a wise woman

O that I had a thorn-tipped tongue
with with the scratch my mouth to scorn
scrape it bare, beyond first blood
then start anew with flesh from Everest

post-sneeze stings, like a brutal aftertaste of water
I've achooed past comprehension
even those angels, and all their rapt attention, lost count (or at least check the outmost box)
an outlier
soon to be an outcrier
or at least you'll hear my sneeze


each nostril a tale of its own
they never agree or see to eye to eye
thankfully, or not
the mucus bloody snot
the humidity within them must be something close to Orlando
if Orlando

those eyes, those incomparable red eyes
the color means nothing to me
just deliver comfort already
poor rabbits, poor evil children, and poor spawns of Satan
now we know you just have an ocular irritation

pop your pills, drink your nectar, sleep enough and sure enough
they ain't leaving

I do love to wake up and start a new day
but when sinuses are congested
and a throat is infested
you want to strangle a cute woodland creature
it's best to not camp out in such situations

when the apocalypse arrives
and flame-throwers are distributed to every firstborn child
we shall rid the world of weeds
then the wind will carry embers, ash, and radiation...

cast the damned allergies

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother (5.8.2011) - For Mother

in five words:
seldom deserving yet always needing

in more:
she's seen me young, and I not her
only known her older than I am now
missed her years
now now
this total disregard for hindering me daily
a galactic saint with unnoticed wings
hardly catch her weeping
if I happened, I would catch them, bottle them

she'd only drop what she was doing if she saw me fall
tumbles and shouts
swiftly met with a swooping up and swooning
why wrath for all her time

time outs?
now those were merited
and without
my imagination would not have blossomed as it did
as a kid
as warm clay as they say
she left her prints on three of us
meant with prospect and tenderness
might've been the only way we'd be okay today

you've been tried in the courts of home
we judged you as a mom
jury sleeps while she keeps the house
spick-and-span knew no woman better
and we mock
o forgive

she carried me into earth
of faith, with hope
brotherless, but able
also aided in my requisite for rebirth
souled to the highest bidder
for she ceased not in her endeavors
gold atop, out of reach
helped in my war against gravity
let a feather fall when they're empty nesters
as youngest I most look back

suns disappear behind trees
and so do sons
layers to these
reflections add an entire level
we look through and see behind us
in whom can we trust

God, and our mothers

the love

Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Poetry Month (4.30.11) - For Poetry Month

yruj in, so naturally, we see

as I entered bookstore
between two glass
might've been before, or exactly where I state
we would've paid for every piece

types of xing

we have people, deer, and ugly ducklings
though to their kind, they're there

smite down sinners and breadwinners
losing worse with each passing day
until the decay
fails the sun at noonday
then shuts her out, without an explanation
just plain incarceration
plain and simple
landing strip don't leave a dip in my fields

hell, why did it snow
melting fore it touched the ground
steam always makes its sound
as the loco move towards places

cared justice past main street, going on 40th, ran that light for the 30th
rise and shunning, rye and bunnied
just is the way she's used to
lid or tea can speak, the icers take first pick
next thing we know, back pack and marionettes

prearranged by choreographers, stripping clothes from mannequins
again and again
make up your mind already
and we'll hire a stand-in

you are not supposed to stand out
not until the jury is out
and we see everything so clearly

P.S.- not to be forgotten & saved by Franklin's edition

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

doubled without meaning (3.22.11)

it has been stated
said of old
whispered of new
hearsay here
heresy elsewhere
that while we seem likely figures
were disfigured
figure skaters
republican haters and demolitionists

i beg to differ

even even is odd
in this season
hard to anticipate
commemorate heroes that only gave their lives for money
cuz its a currency of mortality
morality often on sale
wholesale whoresale
we choose to pass by
but not always to pass away

i felt the shiver

in the last days
we aint there yet
all that remains
are streets
no land left unsavaged
all ravaged by rich
industry technology wires less
paupers evaporate though thickly
nor all at once
ash is the least of our worries then
crawling tourists see nothing new
on the left are the brothels
on the right are the churches
depending on the direction you crawl

books cannot lie
only their makers
blameless readers find truths inside
God keeps track

ignorance blissful since the newborns emerge
parents pray
tumblers prey
recycled since their accountable day
somehow he waits
debris shakes
salt dirt
dust hurt
yet obeys

while we sometimes know

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Equate & Relate (2.24.11)

if 5x plus y equals more than that
why should we continue to blame others
grandfolk's posterity
given a chance, I'd donate to charity
so please give a try I plea
and member always
to flee
justice served warm

Reasons We Love (2/23/11)

sharing made up
they care
he cleans
she tries
we learn
I know

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once (2.22.11)

twice she found me
once I found her
in the life after will we realize each time
defining and defying all laws that we know?
will it seem all right
I hear we'll settle where comfortable
once upon a time
we happened to find us

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lucky If I Do (11.21.11)

some places can really bring out the best in ya
other places, well, they like to bring out the worst
if I had a choice, that I voiced and made hearable
I would always be in the former locales
come now with me and let us forgive
we got to in order to

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kelm (2.14.11)

matters that do and those that not
tied into ecstasy
forsake forsought
pillars cannot bind the sorrow that tell
beneath each wave, above each sail
lands have brake and airs to fall
to cease
to pummel
to overthaw
in the weakest, you'll find strength
and build anew amidst this angst
taken back
better than taken aback
pack your bags
we're taking it back

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yaks (2.13.11)

sipping from the sap that flows down the canyonlands of our dearest country
yielding half alive
gopher ecstasy
uphold any ransom that surpasses the masses 'n pieces of tron
years are not a factor

Saturday, February 12, 2011

If 2 (2.12.11)

If 2
can meet
share mutual feelings
both will have lived a miracle

I have
she has

Friday, February 11, 2011

Porter's (2.11.11)

gh you wouldn't know thou
when you walked through the entry
the gate
that this all
will dissipate
from leaves
to feathers that sprain as if on cycles
in wind this song breaks hearts and heals marriages

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tile (1.8.11)

war dolls
banging down the doors
and climbing through the walls
minimal aging
and carbon dating

Paris might hold aunts and uncles
but that is no place for you to go
stay here
play with your doll on the kitchen floor
do not turn around to see the sounds
for they can only be heard

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ponds (2.7.11) - For Nathan Veech

what if Goliath had throne the stone
one near perfectly round and smooth
able to skip and skim and dip
glide across the Atlantic

alien gathering
a partition for the mist
when the tides arrive
she'll surely be sorely missed

for this, we built a dock
import some, exports their gifts
we can finally declare the curvature
Earth and all her friends

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WIND (2.6.11)

eating weakly
from a plate long broken
he is delayed
barely enough to keep alive
it makes for sufferable
it makes for relating
e'en though, passed by imperfect hands
debatable manners
at the table
set right, e'en true

Saturday, February 5, 2011

GOODS (2.5.11)

repicked, planted
to behave in a way we were meant to
natural after all

Friday, February 4, 2011

ramblings of sleeping cellmate (2.4.11)

where doth she wander to locate the geese?
passed all the palpable talnet in this town
jury duty
for the masses
jury duty for the masses
where will the message turn up again?
reasons that burn with fire in seasons that lack to inspire bring up a new sensation into migrant and my gears of gears
of geese
the talnet
the talent
wallets that are better off stapled to walls
my chance
is right

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Invitees (g2.3.11)


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mobile (1.30.11)

that gargantuan titan
crawled out of a continental crevice
bony and sharp (white and jagged)
ice skeleton
scurried across the Atlantic
shattering liners
causing tsunamis that froze and didn't get far
but left a scar, like fragments of glass stuck in a puddle
the East coast a muddle
tremors to terrorize the inland saints
she settled for the night, in town

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yinter (1.29.11)

cold again as ever
we found reasons to help others
together we'll make it back

Friday, January 28, 2011

Hamwich (1.28.11)

each 'n e'ery one o' dees
lickin' teeth 'n slappin' tongues
tons of salivation

a stomach lusts after a hamwich
pieces o' dees


when dees feds arrived, dey did'n know who-dun-it

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Har (1.27.11)

see that orange circle by her side
cigarette's voice
they sleep until lit
then they're awake and up

I cross the street
jogging with a gallon
worth that match, but the weight ain't worth it
that moment, in the sewers,
with the light shining on 'em
had to be scripted

wires and red lights
through the walls
watch the smolder settle from a fresh carcass
detect life in my words

harvesting inspiration from fields
when that farmer wakes up in the morning
heads out to evaluate the patches
he'll see two axes
and wonder

bright pages
and smoking because they had them

one final rendezvous on that bridge when the sequel rolls around

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Anfro (1.26.11)

kept secrets
not hurting

enter haiku

snatch words out from tiers

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Words (1.25.11)

enough to buy a powdered wig
a robe and mallet
maybe two
of what?
more order is needed
still, that wouldn't make one a righteous judge
interestingly enough
the best way to be a righteous judge is to not
judge that is
hardly ever
you see
I forgive
I've got to
let's fund a bus to take all these people home
we'll know where to go and what to do

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Incline (1.24.11)

As the wind blows out,
the last of the candles
on cake long cold.
It stirs some coals
elsewhere on the prairie.
The father
of some traveling family
thanks their God.
More broken branches
for fuel arrive.
In little arms
that make his grown eyes cry.
He takes each bundle
with a kiss on the head
and purposely takes
the smallest portion of bread.
Some cake has gone cold,
but this fire is warm.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Buildings (1.23.11)

Take these two bricks
Place them on those three
You'll see
Finally, take this one
Place it on top
You see


Friday, January 21, 2011

Myst on Water (1.21.11)

take control over thresholds
molten down for a simple tutorial
happenstance shall persist in hunting games
when kings and princesses team up
throw back the bowstrings
armpits and blessings
amidst shallowness
paupers have the gist
they tear up at the sight of men
yielding confessions by powering up
keys that slip out of locks
braids that slip into locks
fragrances taken, careful measure braken
poor in the city might be rich in the valley
enough for a valet
but still
empty you wallet
over this tray of innocence
that, gold and myrrh
paperback dreams for a hardcover artist
why improve on the lesser
due to their insistent need
soon or late
we all stand in need
four-footed, flat-roofed, pain-staking
the moment you're dropped off, start digging

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tears (1.20.11)

wolves babble
on on
moons meaner
trees fill voids
herbs make chance
grass isis

tear solemnity

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Indescribable (1.19.11)

what were you expecting?
with a title like that.
ain't no way, no how, I can possibly say
regard it as a mystery
in fact, a total history
of words on paper that can never be erased
we have reached it
the letter race

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trelli Hum (1.18.11)

once upon a last
there died a trelli hum
folk from here and folk from there
though the worst had passed
then these rivers from our future
washed the paint away
left our funeral a cleansing way to make it back

Monday, January 17, 2011

Son of God (1.17.11)

parent child
we will be
together as the world sees
seized upon by what you fear
your beloved, you are dear
where do we belong?

more difficult than we ever thought
when we could hold you in our arms
before we knew, before we thought
you crawled away and then you walked
could help, but then could we?
it is our love for you
please God

one moment I realized
you did not perform because you wanted to, but because you loved me
all I ever wanted was to make you proud
I see us both in pictures and videos
scenes we otherwise would never see
once in, now away
growing further
then someday
leave and cleave
still I want to be your child
could I ever be your burden?
when the pains are wont and hallowed
swallowed and brought back tomorrow
these angels that you sent to me
please forgive them and give me
all I want is all I see
all I need is hardly any
when I wake on that blue morning
do not let go of me

Sunday, January 16, 2011

76 (1.16.11)

dregging 77
elastic in energy
subtle yet sultry
opening a pottle
hammers can deliver us
richness bounteous
trapped in a metaphor
for melodies

Saturday, January 15, 2011

These Beaches (1.15.11)

scores of folk
from scores of years
have wandered, combing, taking careful
among the favored of the past
was one that thought
these thoughts could last
helpful in the morning light
to piece together
world piece
water rip
take a part
shells that float on holier days
remain for children of an old maid
Elizabeth shall not stay bare
she shall bare
and so it is
we have a volleyball team today

Friday, January 14, 2011

blog (1.14.11)

predetermined choices?
not a change in the world
according to Charles
drifting away
each day
another post, before the toast
to how good of a man I really am
prove it
convict your enemies
supply your fantasies
drive off the edge of the sidewalk
get back
take smack
and payback
and powerhouse all the way to pines
these lines beg to be filled
their gone, out of my forcefield
hugging the me
take the maddening, make them addening
s grant
whomever wanted to be
confederate enough for the goats and they're cheese
happy now?
you can be bad on purpose
spilt hayness
nothing left for the muckrakers to take tolerance
baskets of lamps take all oil
alcohol allows
shallow intuition
takes months lai fruition
spending, spinning, spying
for the enemy
endless ecstacy
in your own kingdom of glory
a matter of the word
you know what will be glorious?
you know what will be glorious
apologies flow out of me
to passerby a pile of leaves
jumping in would be civilless
like giving his own wife syphilis
a gift from a previous visit to the bordello on Monterello
tears for you insane men
if William S. could do such shit
what's wrong with it
that's what it could be, likely never would be
an epic like B or A or C
heck if I'm the only one
if that's the case
I guess I won
seperate the thoughts
the subjects
wishing not at well
lowering pail
shotten fourteen times now?
that turtorial fits my bill
i got home fine, but he got hit
there, with nothing wrong
we chatted on the headsets
dinner came and went
bedtime for my folks
on and on I went
heavy or light, bow or stand, staffed short
in high demand
the only ratings that are arbitrary
rankings of their own accord
who else on Earth could afford
but sandless
willing to admit
will a single sticker change the world
not one bit
just exclude the part of us with folks that are so damn good
free the intellect
rally up, shimmy up the flagpole
the fags and the Poles
the jerks and the Turks
the you and the you
all children
all singing about a small world
and it is when you remember sandless
it's endless

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Can Take the Rest (1.13.11)

at the end of his life
dedicated to what his parents taught
e'en though he rejected others
who mourned him lost
he will at that day say
I can take take the rest

let us late
hiding in the back of truck
borrowing goods
he will at that day say
I can take the rest

with burning
a promise kept
a resurrect
to reconcile
each guilty child
He will at that day say
I can take the rest

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KW 4/11 (1.12.2011)

breeze of indecency
tears through my clothes
thee elements
who did invent
my hands and my nose
harshest season
for no reason
dark side of Earth
rotate faster
draw me closer
never chill outside
will not complain of heat again

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ham Shirt (1.11.11)

Tuesday's leftovers were once fresh
what is that even going to whine to the moon concerning?
kelp sufficient to feed the leagues of fish that carry my raft
each donate a fin to the cause
not two years, but a fin
can heroes seem to appreciate another's great devotion
who cares if the stomach pangs don't hollow out a mellow siren from the ambulance of gametes
spring belongs to the throngs of Johns and Marys
all about to marry
inconsiderate bastardites that leave no room for mooching
come in the morning and you shall find a barnacle worth trading
gulls careen against the seem
grains that seams the weaves
John ain't abouta' pass the gravy
only jewels
can bring
the dame
a smile
rings upon rings upon rings
damn it!
stop the heat
the hatred of finite
exquisite pain that stains the carpets
buy a window

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hungry Union (1.10.11)

as the dew drips past these loaves of legal aims
Karen cries upon her garments
once satin at its finest
now a sop of ailing air
arrows light the night with flint's reflection
too much for retrospect
enough for any sect
when that donation cup reaches her hand she'll look in and pass it on

secrets of a sacred sisterhood
hooded and labeled
carefully ladled
dropped into amoration

Karen still crawls these crypts away
one more yesterday than she will today

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bosnia (1.9.11)

wires leaking from within his skin
battery acid flowing out of his nose
mechanic jaw that refuse to close

kick ball
cry child
further ream
janitor closet
gold rush
vice fox

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tripping (1.8.11)

passing through
fair town
leave it that way or better
ought to be my motto

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back To (1.7.11)

are there limits to regression
or can we really go this low?
as it were
decades ur

sally forth with the Molotovs
strew them wildly at approaching
toasting to New Year's and Old Fear's
a week late
not too late to check mate
buried up and dug down
subtle links and troop pouts
fever high, wick cut, ship sunk, rip jaw
gatling the fatling
accept our 21st sacrifice
with this rice, with this stick
burning in sense
hooves cannot dampen my spirits today

are there limits to regression
or can we really go this low?
as it were
decades ur

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cycles of Monsters (1.6.11)

element airy
chalked up, checked off
grab a ring in each hand, swing
swear to disciple
pit of foam
not much different from a pit of bones
talking about remains of the night
fall in
lints of Loch Ness
fisher don't even handspring

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super (1.5.11)

don a cape
for me
call me hero
watch this leap
check that bound

i would rescue you from any sort of trouble
dealing with feisty landlords or old women?
i do rooftops, a star's shortcut
breaking through walls, nothing at all
but we all know it's something

facing a bull or snake or ex
i will bring my fist and bring my x
mark it
got this trade, done and made

when i'm in a comic book i'll sign it for you
sell that and buy something nice
i'll sign another one any time of the day

i can see me hold up bus or taxi
leaping with it on my hands
take your stress
take your hands
too much me, couldn't be

when my hair starts to go grey
earthquakes become more frequent then
i'll still wear my mask when i buy bananas and milk and cereal
a loosely based adaptation of yours
a hit, popular serial
i can always get a haircut
i would be there, when you say
if you call a guardian angel a stalker then call me what you must
but i will still wait
i will still notice you
even if the typhoons and monsoons and hurricanes reach their climax
through the water in our air
the debris in our air
i will be there
for you

at night i fold up my cape and use it as a pillow case
just in case
need not erase


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inns (1.4.11)

once forgotten now here
two more estrogens dissolve
how hell can be so strong
really is beyond the crowd
truth melts in hot water
reminding all how sensitive
maybe brings arachnid dreams
escalating anyway
wherever is the valley
wherever is the stone
tragic blessings bestowed family
in the middle of night
afternoons are just as deadly
bard of ill and bard of carn
walking through this room
out into the lovely doom

Monday, January 3, 2011

Title Card (1.3.11)

loom luminous
is an oasis of bubble bursting

got a comfort zone?
lets demolish it
sign a constitution then abolish it
have a drink and wait for the sirens come to us
it's dangerous

anyway you look at it
it will just look back
through our heads and past our act
it knows how we'd react
and counteract and counter that

seen many, seen most
I ain't supposed
reasons that it hurts to kiss
this ranks number nine
I'm fine
and so should you
appeasing and downright treacherous
look at that
it's mountainous

Sunday, January 2, 2011

see (1.2.11)

untapped potential

in this one I see so much

now we may be looking down
yet we could be looking up

five years pass

five days pass

to really see him we look up

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eyewitness (1.1.11)

enough to keep quiet
isn't always enough to put milk in the fridge

Harriet looked over her young child
watched over him

it had been seasons that snowy day
for most it was lost in the deck of days
shuffled away with those that looked pretty much the same
she knew the difference
like God

even though
this weather much a consonant
that facet that dwelled with
welded to the walls of her mind
no doubt
when you see color change like she did

her boy wanted a drink
so she opened the fridge