Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super (1.5.11)

don a cape
for me
call me hero
watch this leap
check that bound

i would rescue you from any sort of trouble
dealing with feisty landlords or old women?
i do rooftops, a star's shortcut
breaking through walls, nothing at all
but we all know it's something

facing a bull or snake or ex
i will bring my fist and bring my x
mark it
got this trade, done and made

when i'm in a comic book i'll sign it for you
sell that and buy something nice
i'll sign another one any time of the day

i can see me hold up bus or taxi
leaping with it on my hands
take your stress
take your hands
too much me, couldn't be

when my hair starts to go grey
earthquakes become more frequent then
i'll still wear my mask when i buy bananas and milk and cereal
a loosely based adaptation of yours
a hit, popular serial
i can always get a haircut
i would be there, when you say
if you call a guardian angel a stalker then call me what you must
but i will still wait
i will still notice you
even if the typhoons and monsoons and hurricanes reach their climax
through the water in our air
the debris in our air
i will be there
for you

at night i fold up my cape and use it as a pillow case
just in case
need not erase


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