Monday, January 17, 2011

Son of God (1.17.11)

parent child
we will be
together as the world sees
seized upon by what you fear
your beloved, you are dear
where do we belong?

more difficult than we ever thought
when we could hold you in our arms
before we knew, before we thought
you crawled away and then you walked
could help, but then could we?
it is our love for you
please God

one moment I realized
you did not perform because you wanted to, but because you loved me
all I ever wanted was to make you proud
I see us both in pictures and videos
scenes we otherwise would never see
once in, now away
growing further
then someday
leave and cleave
still I want to be your child
could I ever be your burden?
when the pains are wont and hallowed
swallowed and brought back tomorrow
these angels that you sent to me
please forgive them and give me
all I want is all I see
all I need is hardly any
when I wake on that blue morning
do not let go of me


Galyn said...

Little Boy Blue
I do love you.
The hurt is real.
This hurt I feel.

I am throwing you to the world
Wondering if you will return,
And when you do, what will I see?
The man I love
The man you used to be?

I can not let go.
Eternal bonds do not break.
Only hearts and covenants
Are now at stake.

I love you my child.

Tara said...

Wow- good poems...both yours and Mutti's. Thanks for sharing, bubs. You're very talented with words.