Monday, December 27, 2010

Magical (12.27.10)

trinkets crawl up the walls
shining and whistling a merry tune
to pass the frames, sills, and sockets
fore the morn turns to the noon

there a resource tied to ceilings swarms within the bandage care
a spinster spent the worse part of a day
making him that hurting coat

tie it to the orderlies
release them in an orderly

just make sure the blinds are down and drawn before you set off

Friday, December 10, 2010

Juniper Exits (12.10.10)

slicking down this interstate
more early than it's late
consistently checking the nothing behind
I pass a thousand each second
loving each one
without conditions, who the air cares?

with enmity, between you and me, constantly, I wanna see, gotta be, true
stay bloody
refuse the refuse
washin the morning
the gourd will ache
but you mustn't take
just swallow the pressure until it's too much
then you can touch
and then you can rush
into the mistakes
you're so prone to make
see that sign?

turn left here

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Understated (11.24.10)

striving just to catch her eye through a social eruption ruling in my vicinity
heads held back guffawing pleasing
always wonder why others are so easily amused
left unlaughed
likely to concentrate on her face and place in the area

I know the environment
now it's my battlefield
once nothing more than hallway
if only on an earlier day I'd built a trap door
waiting for

when she giggles due to their likes
my vision pains me
when she giggles on account of me
it is sweeter than a honeyfall
more pleasant than shaving with whipped cream
sans any consequences
only now

I've tried to look my possible best
probably took longer than her to get ready for this night in this crowd
could there be someone to her like she is to me?
I mean,
another germ to infect and pest
dressed nice
wares or not
a target on his chest seen only through her eyes

God, no

without a word and find the passage
to the night air
still crowd
of women I never want to know
all you heros can have them
I take all the fingers on my left hand
and all the fingers on my right hand
and beckon my hair down
on the sides of my head
in front of my ears
feel the openings of each nostril with my right index knuckle
smile at the girl who is out here smiling at me
then turn and head back into the fray
today is my today

Monday, November 15, 2010

sea (11.15.10)



sex icon
worn traveller

cyclist on Calgary
limping bad

circling an area
beneath troubles of bugles
messes of musty marines
spilling liquid like lilies licking dew
heathens and homeoseptic jives

killing kling kling kling

diving into
lockers of the deep
holding notes of drama-lusting fish that knew no better

pass the parliament
pound the pulpit with perverse power

taken and shaken
pings of man
hurry Hell
chains of clawing
mauling tolerance
of all her lost beauties

misting paladins
swinging swipes of swift seductions
poising pears
pallet pallet pallet
arches yanking
tearing shares of stock
to follow in feeble findings
fortifying figurines
follicles full of ambiguity

pills and plastics
sinking into a dark place
where the pain in jaws
shrieks with masochistic lullabies
of numbing melodies

peace be unto you

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

H (11.9.10)

compliments of the house
woke the architect one night
clutching these straws
preventing passage
a wet pillow
dead partner
trapped in his tomb
make room

blueprints of heresy line the black satin
she waits seductively atop the shelves

a poison in his plastic cup
remarked and retried
one failed attempt pissed the hirer
the ling left
no pay, but not willing to confide
nor override
escape: a welcome pass

throwing the blanket over his head
air stifled, but he didn't care
he just wanted to sleep

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parniged (11.4.10)

so this elderly man
bless him, did what he can
took another step
pulled on her legs
another football field or so to the pit
he held in his air, heaved again

and those drag trails were five miles in coming
it was a miracle they hadn't found him
he moved with concern
desire in his exertions
for a senior citizen, sure mighty in time

she was pretty once
or so he kept sayin
I wouldn't second-guess
his entity
straining, sweated dry
shaking in strength
but he kept on draggin that dame's bod

when the headlights appeared
turning and coming
he only paused for a moment before his largest effort yet
covered ground like a cat
with all his weight and hers
bringing them both the edge of his earlier labor

with a twist of his back
a pop that smacked back
in retaliation of how its operator ran things this late in the game
her corpse hit the bed
rocking the head
limbs collapsing unnatural way

before I could know his next phase in the scheme
the car had come and shone their deer
one of 'em inside
took out of the ride
shooting the old animal down

and he fell
right into her arms
and both were safe from further harm
home dead

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lenny (8.07)

Lenny loved lines,

licking limes

lynching mimes and

munching mutton at all.

Trevor took two,

telling the truth,

ticking time like

Lenny’s lines and limes.

Sally is a skank.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Covers (10.20.10)

Suppose this handle
found its way
past script of all the downing fog

entered the tomb
of Prince Forol
and slipped beneath his skull
a piece to grip while he all sleep ventures through the gate of ore
sparkling dull
kerosine to fuel this dream
a path to burn footsteps of redeeming value

gentle in this first intake
a partial problem
a hemorrhage
falling like rocks cast down from the heavens
where goddesses watch their spouses in a righteous envy

take not a ponder session from my house
leave me be
leave the treasure you though was not
for now it belongs and takes root
underneath my bed
Usually my head

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

Allergies (10.18.10)

o that I had a thorn-tipped tongue
with which to settle each itch that come
roof of my mouth a flea-bitten desert
raging with this arid monsoon

each nostril converted to oozism
a humidifier defied by truth
futile extents to bother the box
only left to lift the level

spatial feats that dwarves can't beat
weeps due to no sorrow nor joy

one day long
barely covers one long day
mopped aside
like microscopic carci
Earth's pesticide
why vanquish me

a plea
send down a pillar of fire
rid us of this ragweed

where shall I go?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Away 3 (10.12.10)

Virgins they
Maturation lost at sea
Sand between
Under each
Over two

Peninsula to populate
Isle of the idle minds
Sharpened sticks and rounded rocks
Telling of better time
Educate and procreate

Neath our head
Nothing like bread
Poor excuse for substance
Something less than barely

Inanimate flesh
A landing strip for flies
Treasures in them

Smoke could not hide their sins
The adults never learned to wade or swim or look


Past the paling
Peelings of our organs
Trailings of our inners
Path for the preachers to cannibalize their members
Our ancestors invite chosen us for dinner

Tides that tell lies
Across the waves she waits
An innocent mother
Yet this shall be her fate

Hideaway the records
Burning journals
Tearing diaries in five
So nobody noses around our sphere
This liberty we found
Has killed the offspring
Slain the future
Ruined us

Pass away

Monday, October 11, 2010

Away 2 (10.11.10)

a grave individual
hatred in his lines
not black
a past
truth etched into him
the whipped whip

those days
of ark report
light filled life
weathered fine
every time

siblings peace
all tasks complete
wandered off the beach
seas piled high

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Away (10.5.10)

Clasping hands in praying
No more bayoneting
Cotton riding by
Through the air
Beneath grey sky

The doorknob
Turning from the otherside
In they storm
In we hide
Silent as the dead

Years and hours
Water and spit
We arrive at port

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Mound In Olympus (8.07)

it was one man

a lone Grecian

he sat upon the stone

which sat upon the hill

it was as if a throne

which sat upon the hill

he lived many years

as much as Juno’s tears

he was a wrinkle

and then with a twinkle

he was a star

which shone upon the hill

Monday, September 27, 2010

As FAIL (9.27.10)

batteries resurrect
demanding an insurgence
leak their acid
keep their shell
pull out of the contest
all for not

spill on track his spine
fervent yells
keep the singeing
fusion hairs
that we collect
an odor of the finest
to react
with out any player
teal and red
backseat gamer
trouble is on the other side
of the glass
of the wood
not for all


Monday, September 20, 2010

Last March (5.31.10)

Last March she expressed her love too
I was stopped mid-step
then asked if it were true

Last March the colonel had
he wept in his quarters
thinking he was alone
I remember well the way his sword
brushing wood like teeth would
the cotton on his cot dampened
he'd never lead again

Last March was also Jace's first
blue bonnets

Last March was also Jim's first
prisoners started as he passed
he had never laughed
others had and did then
he felt he'd sinned
he knew the chair was just
throne for the damned
no blood about it

Last March Donna stared
the beautiful bastard cradled upon her arms
suddenly burst into sobs
she knew he'd gone
turning to the window
observing us embrace and brush our lips
face to face
Jace's grandfather pulled in, went in
held his daughter who held her son
my girl and I went on
Last March

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheapened (9.13.10)

i walked by you yesterday
price was nine ninety-nine
today i thought
to pass again
see what you're at this time

as i walked down your aisle
familiar with both sides
i thought aloud
what if perchance
a discount i would find

i arrived at your empty shelf
a basket in my hand
it was to be your cradle
until you would be scanned

i left your empty shelf
aisle, store, and street
then off i wandered elsewhere
looking for one to eat

Friday, September 10, 2010

Filliw (7.13.10)

He drank longly from the pewter
Leaving floating debris of shreds of
Sleeping atop cards and boards
Slitting the banners of the royalty royally
In such a way
To leave arrayed
These trails of carci strewn and threwn
Signs root deep
Still steep in lore and lichens
Moss carpet and holed windows
Forest all the woodland drottle
Once a moon, the towns can sight
His methods of procuring
Exhuming lives and assassinating deads
Buses halt to halt
He's part of the tour now

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Lars's (8.07)

It was twelve ninety-five

He gave me a twenty

I gave him back seven zero five

He said that was plenty

I said, “No, that’s exact”

He said, “Is that a fact?”

I said, “Yes sir”

He opened his wallet

“This is where I keep my money”

I said, “Yes sir”

He said, “Do you wish to extract some?”

I said, “No thank you sir. Have a good day.

Can I help the next person in line?”

A woman approached

She carried a box of cereal and wore a broach

“Find everything all right?” I was going to ask

But the sir interrupted my task

Holding his wallet, opening it wide, he said,

“You donkey! Stick your hand inside!”

I did as ordered and felt the wallet’s inners,

The sir’s leather purse had my right hand for dinner

As I sit in the hospital bed

I write an account of this afternoon

Thank goodness it ate the right hand

Because I am right-handed

Otherwise I would have had trouble writing

My story.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jarred Demtrogs (7.20.10)

caught six by the grove this morning
I beat the sun
the only way
they squirm upon my mantle
within their glass cell
pushing their treachy faces against the walls
they spit and swear and curse and wail

they best learn manners before my daughter awakes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Contested Mariona (6.7.10)

said no sense in leavin
crossed her arms and spit
the farmer dropped his pack
and bit his lower lip
axe leaned against the door
hat hangin from the lamp
he picked back up his pack
said it makes a lot of sense

and enter in euphrates (9.6.10)

child of a wayward parent
lay down your bow
your past
strip off the armor you wore well
helm to boot to raiment

closen eyes which sift through times
faults of all her favors
enough life to realize
burdens of our neighbors

lesions and age
ride upon your face
prove readable at last

come now
and enter in euphrates

wash it all downstream