Thursday, November 4, 2010

Parniged (11.4.10)

so this elderly man
bless him, did what he can
took another step
pulled on her legs
another football field or so to the pit
he held in his air, heaved again

and those drag trails were five miles in coming
it was a miracle they hadn't found him
he moved with concern
desire in his exertions
for a senior citizen, sure mighty in time

she was pretty once
or so he kept sayin
I wouldn't second-guess
his entity
straining, sweated dry
shaking in strength
but he kept on draggin that dame's bod

when the headlights appeared
turning and coming
he only paused for a moment before his largest effort yet
covered ground like a cat
with all his weight and hers
bringing them both the edge of his earlier labor

with a twist of his back
a pop that smacked back
in retaliation of how its operator ran things this late in the game
her corpse hit the bed
rocking the head
limbs collapsing unnatural way

before I could know his next phase in the scheme
the car had come and shone their deer
one of 'em inside
took out of the ride
shooting the old animal down

and he fell
right into her arms
and both were safe from further harm
home dead

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