Monday, September 27, 2010

As FAIL (9.27.10)

batteries resurrect
demanding an insurgence
leak their acid
keep their shell
pull out of the contest
all for not

spill on track his spine
fervent yells
keep the singeing
fusion hairs
that we collect
an odor of the finest
to react
with out any player
teal and red
backseat gamer
trouble is on the other side
of the glass
of the wood
not for all


Monday, September 20, 2010

Last March (5.31.10)

Last March she expressed her love too
I was stopped mid-step
then asked if it were true

Last March the colonel had
he wept in his quarters
thinking he was alone
I remember well the way his sword
brushing wood like teeth would
the cotton on his cot dampened
he'd never lead again

Last March was also Jace's first
blue bonnets

Last March was also Jim's first
prisoners started as he passed
he had never laughed
others had and did then
he felt he'd sinned
he knew the chair was just
throne for the damned
no blood about it

Last March Donna stared
the beautiful bastard cradled upon her arms
suddenly burst into sobs
she knew he'd gone
turning to the window
observing us embrace and brush our lips
face to face
Jace's grandfather pulled in, went in
held his daughter who held her son
my girl and I went on
Last March

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cheapened (9.13.10)

i walked by you yesterday
price was nine ninety-nine
today i thought
to pass again
see what you're at this time

as i walked down your aisle
familiar with both sides
i thought aloud
what if perchance
a discount i would find

i arrived at your empty shelf
a basket in my hand
it was to be your cradle
until you would be scanned

i left your empty shelf
aisle, store, and street
then off i wandered elsewhere
looking for one to eat

Friday, September 10, 2010

Filliw (7.13.10)

He drank longly from the pewter
Leaving floating debris of shreds of
Sleeping atop cards and boards
Slitting the banners of the royalty royally
In such a way
To leave arrayed
These trails of carci strewn and threwn
Signs root deep
Still steep in lore and lichens
Moss carpet and holed windows
Forest all the woodland drottle
Once a moon, the towns can sight
His methods of procuring
Exhuming lives and assassinating deads
Buses halt to halt
He's part of the tour now

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Lars's (8.07)

It was twelve ninety-five

He gave me a twenty

I gave him back seven zero five

He said that was plenty

I said, “No, that’s exact”

He said, “Is that a fact?”

I said, “Yes sir”

He opened his wallet

“This is where I keep my money”

I said, “Yes sir”

He said, “Do you wish to extract some?”

I said, “No thank you sir. Have a good day.

Can I help the next person in line?”

A woman approached

She carried a box of cereal and wore a broach

“Find everything all right?” I was going to ask

But the sir interrupted my task

Holding his wallet, opening it wide, he said,

“You donkey! Stick your hand inside!”

I did as ordered and felt the wallet’s inners,

The sir’s leather purse had my right hand for dinner

As I sit in the hospital bed

I write an account of this afternoon

Thank goodness it ate the right hand

Because I am right-handed

Otherwise I would have had trouble writing

My story.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jarred Demtrogs (7.20.10)

caught six by the grove this morning
I beat the sun
the only way
they squirm upon my mantle
within their glass cell
pushing their treachy faces against the walls
they spit and swear and curse and wail

they best learn manners before my daughter awakes.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Contested Mariona (6.7.10)

said no sense in leavin
crossed her arms and spit
the farmer dropped his pack
and bit his lower lip
axe leaned against the door
hat hangin from the lamp
he picked back up his pack
said it makes a lot of sense

and enter in euphrates (9.6.10)

child of a wayward parent
lay down your bow
your past
strip off the armor you wore well
helm to boot to raiment

closen eyes which sift through times
faults of all her favors
enough life to realize
burdens of our neighbors

lesions and age
ride upon your face
prove readable at last

come now
and enter in euphrates

wash it all downstream