Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Lars's (8.07)

It was twelve ninety-five

He gave me a twenty

I gave him back seven zero five

He said that was plenty

I said, “No, that’s exact”

He said, “Is that a fact?”

I said, “Yes sir”

He opened his wallet

“This is where I keep my money”

I said, “Yes sir”

He said, “Do you wish to extract some?”

I said, “No thank you sir. Have a good day.

Can I help the next person in line?”

A woman approached

She carried a box of cereal and wore a broach

“Find everything all right?” I was going to ask

But the sir interrupted my task

Holding his wallet, opening it wide, he said,

“You donkey! Stick your hand inside!”

I did as ordered and felt the wallet’s inners,

The sir’s leather purse had my right hand for dinner

As I sit in the hospital bed

I write an account of this afternoon

Thank goodness it ate the right hand

Because I am right-handed

Otherwise I would have had trouble writing

My story.

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