Monday, September 20, 2010

Last March (5.31.10)

Last March she expressed her love too
I was stopped mid-step
then asked if it were true

Last March the colonel had
he wept in his quarters
thinking he was alone
I remember well the way his sword
brushing wood like teeth would
the cotton on his cot dampened
he'd never lead again

Last March was also Jace's first
blue bonnets

Last March was also Jim's first
prisoners started as he passed
he had never laughed
others had and did then
he felt he'd sinned
he knew the chair was just
throne for the damned
no blood about it

Last March Donna stared
the beautiful bastard cradled upon her arms
suddenly burst into sobs
she knew he'd gone
turning to the window
observing us embrace and brush our lips
face to face
Jace's grandfather pulled in, went in
held his daughter who held her son
my girl and I went on
Last March

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