Friday, September 30, 2011


(Author's Note: Nearly a year ago I wrote "Allergies." It is only fitting that the following fall I return to address the same fetching topic.)

"Once the frost cometh, your allergies will goeth!"
- a wise woman

O that I had a thorn-tipped tongue
with with the scratch my mouth to scorn
scrape it bare, beyond first blood
then start anew with flesh from Everest

post-sneeze stings, like a brutal aftertaste of water
I've achooed past comprehension
even those angels, and all their rapt attention, lost count (or at least check the outmost box)
an outlier
soon to be an outcrier
or at least you'll hear my sneeze


each nostril a tale of its own
they never agree or see to eye to eye
thankfully, or not
the mucus bloody snot
the humidity within them must be something close to Orlando
if Orlando

those eyes, those incomparable red eyes
the color means nothing to me
just deliver comfort already
poor rabbits, poor evil children, and poor spawns of Satan
now we know you just have an ocular irritation

pop your pills, drink your nectar, sleep enough and sure enough
they ain't leaving

I do love to wake up and start a new day
but when sinuses are congested
and a throat is infested
you want to strangle a cute woodland creature
it's best to not camp out in such situations

when the apocalypse arrives
and flame-throwers are distributed to every firstborn child
we shall rid the world of weeds
then the wind will carry embers, ash, and radiation...

cast the damned allergies

Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother (5.8.2011) - For Mother

in five words:
seldom deserving yet always needing

in more:
she's seen me young, and I not her
only known her older than I am now
missed her years
now now
this total disregard for hindering me daily
a galactic saint with unnoticed wings
hardly catch her weeping
if I happened, I would catch them, bottle them

she'd only drop what she was doing if she saw me fall
tumbles and shouts
swiftly met with a swooping up and swooning
why wrath for all her time

time outs?
now those were merited
and without
my imagination would not have blossomed as it did
as a kid
as warm clay as they say
she left her prints on three of us
meant with prospect and tenderness
might've been the only way we'd be okay today

you've been tried in the courts of home
we judged you as a mom
jury sleeps while she keeps the house
spick-and-span knew no woman better
and we mock
o forgive

she carried me into earth
of faith, with hope
brotherless, but able
also aided in my requisite for rebirth
souled to the highest bidder
for she ceased not in her endeavors
gold atop, out of reach
helped in my war against gravity
let a feather fall when they're empty nesters
as youngest I most look back

suns disappear behind trees
and so do sons
layers to these
reflections add an entire level
we look through and see behind us
in whom can we trust

God, and our mothers

the love

Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Poetry Month (4.30.11) - For Poetry Month

yruj in, so naturally, we see

as I entered bookstore
between two glass
might've been before, or exactly where I state
we would've paid for every piece

types of xing

we have people, deer, and ugly ducklings
though to their kind, they're there

smite down sinners and breadwinners
losing worse with each passing day
until the decay
fails the sun at noonday
then shuts her out, without an explanation
just plain incarceration
plain and simple
landing strip don't leave a dip in my fields

hell, why did it snow
melting fore it touched the ground
steam always makes its sound
as the loco move towards places

cared justice past main street, going on 40th, ran that light for the 30th
rise and shunning, rye and bunnied
just is the way she's used to
lid or tea can speak, the icers take first pick
next thing we know, back pack and marionettes

prearranged by choreographers, stripping clothes from mannequins
again and again
make up your mind already
and we'll hire a stand-in

you are not supposed to stand out
not until the jury is out
and we see everything so clearly

P.S.- not to be forgotten & saved by Franklin's edition

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

doubled without meaning (3.22.11)

it has been stated
said of old
whispered of new
hearsay here
heresy elsewhere
that while we seem likely figures
were disfigured
figure skaters
republican haters and demolitionists

i beg to differ

even even is odd
in this season
hard to anticipate
commemorate heroes that only gave their lives for money
cuz its a currency of mortality
morality often on sale
wholesale whoresale
we choose to pass by
but not always to pass away

i felt the shiver

in the last days
we aint there yet
all that remains
are streets
no land left unsavaged
all ravaged by rich
industry technology wires less
paupers evaporate though thickly
nor all at once
ash is the least of our worries then
crawling tourists see nothing new
on the left are the brothels
on the right are the churches
depending on the direction you crawl

books cannot lie
only their makers
blameless readers find truths inside
God keeps track

ignorance blissful since the newborns emerge
parents pray
tumblers prey
recycled since their accountable day
somehow he waits
debris shakes
salt dirt
dust hurt
yet obeys

while we sometimes know

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Equate & Relate (2.24.11)

if 5x plus y equals more than that
why should we continue to blame others
grandfolk's posterity
given a chance, I'd donate to charity
so please give a try I plea
and member always
to flee
justice served warm

Reasons We Love (2/23/11)

sharing made up
they care
he cleans
she tries
we learn
I know

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Once (2.22.11)

twice she found me
once I found her
in the life after will we realize each time
defining and defying all laws that we know?
will it seem all right
I hear we'll settle where comfortable
once upon a time
we happened to find us