Friday, September 30, 2011


(Author's Note: Nearly a year ago I wrote "Allergies." It is only fitting that the following fall I return to address the same fetching topic.)

"Once the frost cometh, your allergies will goeth!"
- a wise woman

O that I had a thorn-tipped tongue
with with the scratch my mouth to scorn
scrape it bare, beyond first blood
then start anew with flesh from Everest

post-sneeze stings, like a brutal aftertaste of water
I've achooed past comprehension
even those angels, and all their rapt attention, lost count (or at least check the outmost box)
an outlier
soon to be an outcrier
or at least you'll hear my sneeze


each nostril a tale of its own
they never agree or see to eye to eye
thankfully, or not
the mucus bloody snot
the humidity within them must be something close to Orlando
if Orlando

those eyes, those incomparable red eyes
the color means nothing to me
just deliver comfort already
poor rabbits, poor evil children, and poor spawns of Satan
now we know you just have an ocular irritation

pop your pills, drink your nectar, sleep enough and sure enough
they ain't leaving

I do love to wake up and start a new day
but when sinuses are congested
and a throat is infested
you want to strangle a cute woodland creature
it's best to not camp out in such situations

when the apocalypse arrives
and flame-throwers are distributed to every firstborn child
we shall rid the world of weeds
then the wind will carry embers, ash, and radiation...

cast the damned allergies

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