Sunday, May 8, 2011

a mother (5.8.2011) - For Mother

in five words:
seldom deserving yet always needing

in more:
she's seen me young, and I not her
only known her older than I am now
missed her years
now now
this total disregard for hindering me daily
a galactic saint with unnoticed wings
hardly catch her weeping
if I happened, I would catch them, bottle them

she'd only drop what she was doing if she saw me fall
tumbles and shouts
swiftly met with a swooping up and swooning
why wrath for all her time

time outs?
now those were merited
and without
my imagination would not have blossomed as it did
as a kid
as warm clay as they say
she left her prints on three of us
meant with prospect and tenderness
might've been the only way we'd be okay today

you've been tried in the courts of home
we judged you as a mom
jury sleeps while she keeps the house
spick-and-span knew no woman better
and we mock
o forgive

she carried me into earth
of faith, with hope
brotherless, but able
also aided in my requisite for rebirth
souled to the highest bidder
for she ceased not in her endeavors
gold atop, out of reach
helped in my war against gravity
let a feather fall when they're empty nesters
as youngest I most look back

suns disappear behind trees
and so do sons
layers to these
reflections add an entire level
we look through and see behind us
in whom can we trust

God, and our mothers

the love

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Tara said...

Bubsta - this was really sweet. I'm not a big poem person, and I must admit there were a few parts I didn't understand...but it was beautiful and I'm sure Mom will love it.