Saturday, April 30, 2011

For Poetry Month (4.30.11) - For Poetry Month

yruj in, so naturally, we see

as I entered bookstore
between two glass
might've been before, or exactly where I state
we would've paid for every piece

types of xing

we have people, deer, and ugly ducklings
though to their kind, they're there

smite down sinners and breadwinners
losing worse with each passing day
until the decay
fails the sun at noonday
then shuts her out, without an explanation
just plain incarceration
plain and simple
landing strip don't leave a dip in my fields

hell, why did it snow
melting fore it touched the ground
steam always makes its sound
as the loco move towards places

cared justice past main street, going on 40th, ran that light for the 30th
rise and shunning, rye and bunnied
just is the way she's used to
lid or tea can speak, the icers take first pick
next thing we know, back pack and marionettes

prearranged by choreographers, stripping clothes from mannequins
again and again
make up your mind already
and we'll hire a stand-in

you are not supposed to stand out
not until the jury is out
and we see everything so clearly

P.S.- not to be forgotten & saved by Franklin's edition

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