Tuesday, March 22, 2011

doubled without meaning (3.22.11)

it has been stated
said of old
whispered of new
hearsay here
heresy elsewhere
that while we seem likely figures
were disfigured
figure skaters
republican haters and demolitionists

i beg to differ

even even is odd
in this season
hard to anticipate
commemorate heroes that only gave their lives for money
cuz its a currency of mortality
morality often on sale
wholesale whoresale
we choose to pass by
but not always to pass away

i felt the shiver

in the last days
we aint there yet
all that remains
are streets
no land left unsavaged
all ravaged by rich
industry technology wires less
paupers evaporate though thickly
nor all at once
ash is the least of our worries then
crawling tourists see nothing new
on the left are the brothels
on the right are the churches
depending on the direction you crawl

books cannot lie
only their makers
blameless readers find truths inside
God keeps track

ignorance blissful since the newborns emerge
parents pray
tumblers prey
recycled since their accountable day
somehow he waits
debris shakes
salt dirt
dust hurt
yet obeys

while we sometimes know

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