Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Understated (11.24.10)

striving just to catch her eye through a social eruption ruling in my vicinity
heads held back guffawing pleasing
always wonder why others are so easily amused
left unlaughed
likely to concentrate on her face and place in the area

I know the environment
now it's my battlefield
once nothing more than hallway
if only on an earlier day I'd built a trap door
waiting for

when she giggles due to their likes
my vision pains me
when she giggles on account of me
it is sweeter than a honeyfall
more pleasant than shaving with whipped cream
sans any consequences
only now

I've tried to look my possible best
probably took longer than her to get ready for this night in this crowd
could there be someone to her like she is to me?
I mean,
another germ to infect and pest
dressed nice
wares or not
a target on his chest seen only through her eyes

God, no

without a word and find the passage
to the night air
still crowd
of women I never want to know
all you heros can have them
I take all the fingers on my left hand
and all the fingers on my right hand
and beckon my hair down
on the sides of my head
in front of my ears
feel the openings of each nostril with my right index knuckle
smile at the girl who is out here smiling at me
then turn and head back into the fray
today is my today

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