Friday, January 21, 2011

Myst on Water (1.21.11)

take control over thresholds
molten down for a simple tutorial
happenstance shall persist in hunting games
when kings and princesses team up
throw back the bowstrings
armpits and blessings
amidst shallowness
paupers have the gist
they tear up at the sight of men
yielding confessions by powering up
keys that slip out of locks
braids that slip into locks
fragrances taken, careful measure braken
poor in the city might be rich in the valley
enough for a valet
but still
empty you wallet
over this tray of innocence
that, gold and myrrh
paperback dreams for a hardcover artist
why improve on the lesser
due to their insistent need
soon or late
we all stand in need
four-footed, flat-roofed, pain-staking
the moment you're dropped off, start digging

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