Friday, January 14, 2011

blog (1.14.11)

predetermined choices?
not a change in the world
according to Charles
drifting away
each day
another post, before the toast
to how good of a man I really am
prove it
convict your enemies
supply your fantasies
drive off the edge of the sidewalk
get back
take smack
and payback
and powerhouse all the way to pines
these lines beg to be filled
their gone, out of my forcefield
hugging the me
take the maddening, make them addening
s grant
whomever wanted to be
confederate enough for the goats and they're cheese
happy now?
you can be bad on purpose
spilt hayness
nothing left for the muckrakers to take tolerance
baskets of lamps take all oil
alcohol allows
shallow intuition
takes months lai fruition
spending, spinning, spying
for the enemy
endless ecstacy
in your own kingdom of glory
a matter of the word
you know what will be glorious?
you know what will be glorious
apologies flow out of me
to passerby a pile of leaves
jumping in would be civilless
like giving his own wife syphilis
a gift from a previous visit to the bordello on Monterello
tears for you insane men
if William S. could do such shit
what's wrong with it
that's what it could be, likely never would be
an epic like B or A or C
heck if I'm the only one
if that's the case
I guess I won
seperate the thoughts
the subjects
wishing not at well
lowering pail
shotten fourteen times now?
that turtorial fits my bill
i got home fine, but he got hit
there, with nothing wrong
we chatted on the headsets
dinner came and went
bedtime for my folks
on and on I went
heavy or light, bow or stand, staffed short
in high demand
the only ratings that are arbitrary
rankings of their own accord
who else on Earth could afford
but sandless
willing to admit
will a single sticker change the world
not one bit
just exclude the part of us with folks that are so damn good
free the intellect
rally up, shimmy up the flagpole
the fags and the Poles
the jerks and the Turks
the you and the you
all children
all singing about a small world
and it is when you remember sandless
it's endless

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