Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ham Shirt (1.11.11)

Tuesday's leftovers were once fresh
what is that even going to whine to the moon concerning?
kelp sufficient to feed the leagues of fish that carry my raft
each donate a fin to the cause
not two years, but a fin
can heroes seem to appreciate another's great devotion
who cares if the stomach pangs don't hollow out a mellow siren from the ambulance of gametes
spring belongs to the throngs of Johns and Marys
all about to marry
inconsiderate bastardites that leave no room for mooching
come in the morning and you shall find a barnacle worth trading
gulls careen against the seem
grains that seams the weaves
John ain't abouta' pass the gravy
only jewels
can bring
the dame
a smile
rings upon rings upon rings
damn it!
stop the heat
the hatred of finite
exquisite pain that stains the carpets
buy a window

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